Book review – आवय जाल्या जाणटी -कविता झेलो

Few days back, I read आवय जाल्या जाणटी “(Mother has become old) – कविता झेलो – collection of poems by Ramesh Ghadi. His writing style is heartwarming and humble from topics like political, social, family, agriculture, and village life of Goa. Author has covered it all. The language is simple which actually strikes a chord with readers.

  He has written all poems from his heart. Reading Ramesh Ghadi’s poems took me down the memory lane. How people were living in harmony with nature and today’s plight of Goa. He missed Goa so much during his time overseas, that he wrote to his mother please send me some soil in letter as I remember Goa very much.

  Goa may be a place for some. But for us, Goans- it is our identity, our heartbeat. Ramesh Ghadi has honestly put forth the current situation of Goa-unthoughtful building projects, dry lakes and changed Goan mindset.

When one reads this book, we are given a reality check of our relationships, our Goenkarponn, our environment. It shows Goans are on crossroad and if we don’t realize that it is our duty to converse are beautiful Goa one day, we shall repent.

He has penned his journey from how he became a reader as he was inspired by his father (who was an avid reader) to showing respect and praise towards his mother. He cherishes many relationships in form of poems. It is nostalgic yet progressive read. Thanks Ramesh Bhaie (elder brother in Konkani) for writing such beautiful poems. Keep writing!! Keep inspiring!! Dev Bare Karu (God bless you)!!

Shambhavi Naik (Shilpa) (c) 2021

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